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This web site is produced by the SCEE R&D. It covers details on becoming a licensed PlayStation® developer as well as development job opportunities within SCEE, general news relating to SCEE & a list of important links.

This site does not carry general marketing or PR information. This type of information is available at http://uk.playstation.com

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About SCEE R&D

SCEE R&D are technical experts on topics relating to any of the PlayStation platforms. The group is unique in that we report directly to both SCEE Central as well as the Tokyo-based SCEI R&D Organisation that designs PlayStation hardware. We do not create games ourselves; however, we supply the raw technical materials that game developers need to create games.

As a result, we are often in direct contact with new members of the PlayStation family. We collaborate actively with our counterparts in our sister companies in Japan, USA and Korea - SCEI, SCEA, and SCEK respectively.